Brew On Premise

Why Brew On Premise?

Brewing on premise is an excellent option for beginners and seasoned brewers alike. First time brewers are given the opportunity to learn the process of what brewing is all about. Our staff can be as involved as you would like. We are able to walk you through each step in the process or step back and let you take the lead. At the end of the brewing process, you get to go home with your brew while we do all the cleanup. Thirty days later you are left with a hand crafted beer all your own.

The brewing process is an ideal team building event or way to add a personal touch to your own event. You can brew your own beer for a party you are throwing, for your wedding, bachelor/Bachelorette party or just as an excuse to brew with friends.

How It Works

The typical brewing session lasts from 3 to 6 hours depending on the recipe. Arrive at your appointment ready to get to brewing.

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    Pick Your Recipe

    Choose between a 5 gallon (2 case) or 10 gallon (4 case) and either Brewer’s Best ingredient packages or select your all-grain ingredients from our inventory.

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    Walk through the brewing process along side our staff or take control crafting your very own beer.

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    Once completed, you’ll get to bring your wort home to ferment along with any 12 or 22 oz. bottle package you may have purchased. Don’t worry about the mess, we’ll do the cleanup.

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    After fermentation is completed, you are free to bottle or keg your beer at home.

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    Share your refreshing new beverage with friends and family with the added satisfaction from knowing you brewed this yourself.

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To get brewing use the booking app below to claim your time slot or give us a call at 717-254-6906 to set up your appointment and pick your recipe or package.

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